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Eburru Rafiki (ER) is a focused initiative playing an active role in the rejuvenation of the Eburru Forest State Reserve and the biodiversity within it. ER is playing its role as a member of the Eburru Community Forest Association (ECFA) and is committed to conserving the forest within the fenced forest boundary and to participate actively in the management of the forest as a member of the Eburru Forest Level Management Committee (EFLMC).  


Eburru Rafiki board seat was by invitation of the Head of Conservancy Mau, Kenya Forest Service. ER is fully conversant with the key role that is played by the forest adjacent communities living along the forest border.


Eburru Forest has been fully fenced by Rhino Ark since 2015.


Eburru Rafiki is a Community Based Organisation (CBO) in the Eburru Loction of Nakuru County, Kenya Registration number: AO 33152

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